What are the technical characteristics of the vacuum oil filter?

Summary: Technical characteristics of vacuum oil filter: 1. Heating system: mainly comp...
Technical characteristics of vacuum oil filter:
1. Heating system: mainly composed of infrared heater, temperature controller, thermal resistance and other parts, heating the oil to be filtered. The temperature is controlled by the safe and reliable circulation type, constant temperature electric heating automatic control system, and the coil type pipeline design, the heating element is placed in the protective tube. It has the characteristics of fast heating, stable oil temperature, uniform heating, automatic dry burning prevention, and no dead oil zone. The oil temperature can be set according to user needs.
2. The degree of automation is high, and advanced pressure protection devices are used. If the pressure increases due to misoperation or blockage of the filter element of the oil filter during use, the power supply will be automatically disconnected to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and the filter can be detected at the same time. The degree of contamination of the wood. Automatic defoaming, automatic control of oil level, avoiding the influence of misoperation on the equipment. The speed regulator adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the flow is controllable. The controller adopts PLC. Touch screen intelligent control to achieve real man-machine dialogue.
3. The whole machine is integrated, beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. The electronic control system also has protections such as overload, overcurrent, phase loss, and overpressure. The safety factor is large.
4. Electrical equipment: The main electrical appliances adopt the international first-line brand: reliable quality and stable performance, which can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment without failure. At the same time, the temperature controller, oil pump operating status, vacuum pump operating status, and heater operating status are all displayed by indicator lights.