What are the main points for maintenance of diesel engine oil filter?

Summary: Main points of maintenance of diesel engine oil filter   The oil filter must b...
Main points of maintenance of diesel engine oil filter


The oil filter must be maintained at the specified time and pay attention to the following points:


l. Centrifugal oil filter. To maintain the centrifugal fine filter, pay special attention to the installation after disassembly and washing: ① There should be no blocking phenomenon. The inspection method is: when the rotor is installed and restored, turn the rotor forcefully by hand. After letting go, the rotor can rotate freely for 2 to 3 revolutions and then stop. Run for a few minutes at the speed. When the oil temperature reaches 70°C, the flame is turned off. At this time, listen to the rotor outside the shell and continue to rotate for more than 1.5 minutes. If the above indicators are not met, the installation is unqualified and should be reassembled.


2. Paper oil filter element. When the oil pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter exceeds 1kg/cm2, it means that the filter element has been blocked, and the oil can no longer be filtered and enters the oil passage, increasing wear. Therefore, maintenance is required every 50 hours of work, and the filter element should be replaced within 150-200 hours. Otherwise, the filtering effect will not be achieved.


3. Metal belt gap filter. In addition to cleaning this type of oil filter every 50 to 60 hours of work, do not damage the metal mesh belt during washing, and do not scrub with cotton yarn or other things to prevent blocking the mesh.