How does the oil filter work?

Summary: In fact, the working principle of the oil filter element is not complicated. Du...
In fact, the working principle of the oil filter element is not complicated. During the operation of the engine, with the operation of the oil pump, the oil with impurities continuously enters the oil filter from the oil inlet on the bottom plate assembly of the oil filter, and then Pass the check valve to the outside of the filter paper and wait for filtration.
Under the action of pressure, the engine oil continuously passes through the filter paper and enters the center tube, while the impurities in the engine oil remain on the filter paper.
The oil entering the center tube enters the engine lubrication system from the oil outlet in the middle of the oil filter bottom plate to participate in lubrication.
There are two key components here: the bypass valve and the check valve.
Under normal circumstances, the bypass valve is closed, but under special circumstances the bypass valve will open to ensure the normal supply of oil:
1. When the filter exceeds the replacement cycle and the filter element is seriously blocked.
2. When the oil is very viscous (cold start, low outside temperature).
Although the oil flowing at this time is not filtered, it is much lighter than the damage caused by the engine without oil lubrication.
When the vehicle stops operating, the oil inlet check valve is closed to ensure that the oil in the oil filter and subsequent lubrication system is not drained, and the required oil pressure is established as soon as possible when the engine is restarted to avoid dry friction.
Seeing this, I believe everyone has a general understanding of the working principle of the oil filter.
Finally, remind everyone that the oil filter must be replaced in time when its life is reached. When buying an oil filter, please choose a product from a regular channel, otherwise the damage to the engine will not be worth the loss.


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